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Jeff Mayhugh

Congressional Canidate



My name is Jeff Mayhugh and I’m running because my dad taught me never to step over a mess and congress is a mess. I look around at the world and I worry what my children are seeing. I worry what they’re future has in store. I worry about the lack of leadership Congress has provided during my lifetime. It’s probably the worst stretch in our history. So much deflection and anger. So little leadership and honesty. I’m not a politician and I don’t have any experience, but I am an American and I love this republic. I’ve worked hard to understand the problems our country faces, and I have some fresh ideas, I believe can help.


  1. In the 1920s congress stopped expanding and as the population grew and our representation stayed the same, the people voice was drowned out. If we want our voice back, we must expand the house.

  2. In 2010 the Supreme Court ruling of citizens United allowed corporations to funnel unlimited amounts of money into politicians fundraising accounts. Who do you think they will listen to? The people or the people who pay them? This ruling caused the people to lose our power. If we want our power back, we must repeal Citizens United.

  3. We need to make sure our children and grandchildren don’t face these problems. We must pass congressional term limits.


I’m just a regular guy who thinks deeply and loves his family. I’d rather be building one of my business ideas or helping my community love reading they way I do. I’m not interested in fundraising or name calling. I am interested in doing the work necessary to make this country the beacon of hope it should be.


Personal Notes

  • I've owned a small business in Virginia since 2005.

  • I am a father of 5. 

  • I love poetry.

  • I like helping people.

  • My wife is my strength

  • My heroes are my Father, Grandfather, James Madison, Adam Smith, Frederick Douglass and John Adams.

  • I love to work.

  • I love to read.

  • I love to talk.

  • I love to talk family.


Piedmont Golf Club 2003-2008

Buser, Server, Lead Server, Dining Room Manager, Service Director.

Haymarket, VA.

Hardhits Custom Apparel 2005- Current


Manassas, VA.

Thank You for Sharing (podcast) 2022


Gainesville, VA.


Idea Manager 

Gainesville, VA.



Blue Collar University

Studies: Government, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, History, Presidents. 

Gainesville, VA.


  • Moved back home to live next to family.

  • Built a business and helped provide jobs to my community and support my family.

  • Raising my family with love.



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